Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Training Makes Bar Candidates Both Exam-Ready and Practice-Ready

Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Training Makes Bar Candidates Both Exam-Ready and Practice-Ready

Training on the MPT helps bar candidates become both exam-ready and practice-ready. The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) part of the bar exam is a test of bar candidates’ ability to complete law office tasks efficiently and effectively.

Law schools aim to graduate both JDs and LLMs that employers can trust to perform law office tasks like drafting briefs, memos, and letters. Schools often talk about graduates’ being “practice-ready.”

Thus, the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is a part of the bar exam that is directly aligned with the law schools’ goal of graduates’ practice-readiness.

Every Multistate Performance Test (MPT) task requires a bar candidate to research and write a simulated law office task inside 90 minutes. States that have adopted the MPT as part of their bar examination have made a commitment to bar candidates’ practice-readiness. The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) includes two MPT tasks.

Law Graduates Can Be Both Exam-Ready and Practice-Ready

BarWrite is uniquely-qualified to offer MPT courses:

  • Teaching Materials– When BarWrite teaches an MPT course either on-campus or off-campus, the foundational text is Dr. Gallagher’s book Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT). 

    The book contains real MPT tasks, which BarWrite has licensed from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). These materials are supplemented frequently. The Gallagher/BarWrite systems are unique and effective.

    • Stress on Standard Templates for Law Firm Work Products. The BarWrite courses for the MPT start from the formats that beginning lawyers must use when they go into a law firm. First students learn the formats, then they learn how to use the formats.
    • Quality Systems for the MPT. The BarWrite systems for the MPT are the only strategies yet designed for systematically performing the MPT tasks and completing the work in the time allowed. They are especially helpful to LLMs whose first language is not English.
    • Experience– Dr. Gallagher and her staff have extensive experience teaching the MPT. Groups of students have included both JDs and LLMs.
    • Linguistic Sophistication.The BarWrite MPT strategies are the work of Dr. Mary Campbell Gallagher. She holds the JD from Harvard Law School and the Ph.D. in theoretical linguistics. These strategies are adaptable to different levels of competence in English.
    • BarWrite’s objectives are to train students to become exam-ready and practice-ready in using basic law-office formats.

To discuss how BarWrite can assist you or your school in making law graduates both practice-ready and exam-ready please Contact Us.


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