MBE Evidence Secret

MBE Evidence Secret Is Memorizing and Hard Work Bar candidates often wring their hands over MBE evidence questions. But in fact, evidence is one of the easiest parts of the MBE. Doing hundreds of practice questions a day is not the answer. Nor is there a complicated secret strategy. Instead, the MBE evidence secret is … Continue reading MBE Evidence Secret

5 Loser and 5 Winner Study Methods

By Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D., Founder and President of BarWrite and BarWrite Press This post originally appeared in slightly different form as a guest blog post on the Lawyerist blog. Are some study methods better than others? Emphatically yes. For one thing, good ways to study for the bar exam are active, not passive. … Continue reading 5 Loser and 5 Winner Study Methods

MBE Disaster on the Way?

MBE Disaster on the Way? Reports from Pennsylvania suggest that nationwide MBE scores on the February 2017 bar exam have hit an all-time low. MBE scores fell from 136.2 to 135 on the February 2016 bar exam. But on the February 2017 exam the MBE plummeted to 134. The previous lowest score, in 1980, was 134.3. With … Continue reading MBE Disaster on the Way?

UBE, Uniform Bar Exam, in NY, July 2016

New York UBE Uniform Bar Exam, July 2016 New York UBE Uniform Bar Exam, July 2016. A word to the reader. If you are reading this post because you failed the July 2016 bar exam, our condolences. The best thing you can do to help yourself now is to order copies of your essays and MPTs right away. Know … Continue reading UBE, Uniform Bar Exam, in NY, July 2016