UBE Retakers Class–With Weekly World Cup of Memorization Qualifiers

UME Retakers Course

The BarWrite UBE Retakers Class meets twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for seven weeks. starting May 25. Best discounts end March 27. The class is for retakers who have scored at least 250 on the UBE and for bar candidates who want to supplement a regular full bar review course. Click here to enroll now.

The class focuses first on your Study Schedule.

That’s a BarWrite specialty, and we check up on your progress weekly. Thus, your study schedule will always be in tune with what you can accomplish and what you need to do to be prepared for the bar exam. In addition . . . .

1) FASTER LEARNING RULES. Our unique World Cup Rules make memorizing faster. Students say our World Cup Rules are much easier to learn than the rules other bar-prep courses publish. In the UBE Retakers Class you can compete in our Weekly World Cup Qualifiers. We provide the World Cup Rules, and you do the memorizing. See our articles on how to memorize the law. Thus, the weekly World Cup Qualifiers are are not just fun, they are score-boosting, too. Click here to enroll now.
“Dr. Gallagher’s system to pass the UBE bar exam is far superior to any large commercial bar prep out there. I wish I took Dr. Gallagher’s class from the starting line. The class material is short and sweet for memorization. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!”

— Han Li, Albany Law School

2) AUTOPILOT ESSAYS. You can save time and cut anxiety if you know that every paragraph you write on the bar exam MEE will fit our template and checklist. Thus, in this class you will learn to make your essays automatic, with “legal writing the American way.” Accordingly, you will finish the MEE essays on time. And that means more points on the MEE. Click here to enroll now.

“Dr. Gallagher showed me how to restructure not only my essays but my thought process as well. Her method enabled me to write essays that were clear, concise, and well thought out. When my practice essays in my bar review course started coming back with terrific scores, I doubted no more.”

— David Gould, Pace Law School

3) EAGLE-EYED ISSUE-SPOTTING. Learn how to spot the issues in MBE questions, not just grab blindly for an answer-choice. Issue-spotting is one key to success on the MBE. If you have memorized the World Cup Rules and if you can spot the issues, then you can answer the questions. Click here to enroll now.

As a result of these components, the BarWrite UBE Retakers Class will give you control of your own bar-preparation. Click here to enroll now. You will benefit on Exam Day if you have 1) memorized the most important rules faster, and you know 2) how to use the World Cup Rules in writing high-scoring well-timed essays on autopilot on the MEE, and 3) you can spot the issues on the MBE.


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UBE Retakers Class with World Cup of Memorization Qualifiers

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