Correction: Why Our MPT Workshop WILL be Online

Why Our MPT Workshop WILL be Online
Teaching the Old-Fashioned Pre-Pandemic way: Dr. Gallagher teaching an MPT Workshop at the New York City Bar Association

BarWrite Systems Raise MPT Scores

BarWrite systems raise MPT scores. This is a confession. The BarWrite systems raise MPT scores. But once upon a time, I did not believe online courses could possibly be as effective as in-person courses, which were very effective, indeed. Accordingly, my company, BarWrite. provided only in-person courses, either at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) or at the New York City Bar Association. I liked it because I could walk around the room and look at the students’ papers and talk with each person. I often considered doing a course online, but I was reluctant. Year after year, I remained the last of the dinosaurs. Nothing was online.

But now I discover that I love teaching online

Well, that was then. As one of my law school classmates says, “The pandemic accelerates everything.” Suddenly I had no choice. In-person courses had become dangerous to health. Result? Last month, I finished teaching my first MPT Workshop on Zoom. I loved it. It was global. One student was in Los Angeles, another was in London. It was intimate. I could see the students’ faces right on the screen. It was efficient. Students sent me their MPT work products by email, and I was able to correct everyone’s papers and email them back. They will learn that BarWrite systems raise MPT scores.

Online MPT Workshop starts 10am August 8

Here is more good news. BarWrite will be offering another online 7-session MPT Workshop, starting at 10am EDT Saturday, August 8. The systems will be those in my book Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT). Bar candidates can still, if they prefer, just buy the book on Amazon. If you enroll in the class, I will send you materials from the book. Tuition is $497.00. You can enroll online.

We have statistical proof that our MPT systems raise scores

BarWrite systems raise MPT scores. They have already been proved to be effective. This is not just the results of anecdotal reporting. There is statistical proof.

On the UBE or online, the MPT counts 20%

The MPT score is 20 percent of your score–either on the UBE or on the emergency exam in October. BarWrite systems raise MPT scores. To join the class, sign up here.

Join us on August 8

You can find more information and enroll here.


Students' Challenges on the Multistate Performance Test (MPT)

PERFORM YOUR BEST ON THE BAR EXAM PERFORMANCE TEST (MPT): TRAIN TO FINISH THE MPT IN 90 MINUTES “LIKE A SPORT(TM). Best-selling study guide for all Bar Exam Performance Tests. This system helps bar candidates and practicing lawyers produce faster and more effective work products. One reviewer called it “the Swiss Army knife of the MPT.”

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